what Epic is doing with this particular portion of its Fortnite cash

somewhere in the middle of the now 43 games I own on the Epic Games store, another free title from Epic to round out my already ungainly collection. It’s all part of Epic’s attempt to spend it’s money going after one of the biggest cash cow in the gaming industry: PC games distribution, i.e., Steam.

Last year, Epic Games made $1.8 billion off of Fortnite alone, not to mention what it made off of the Unreal Engine licensees, other games and the Epic Games Store, which raked in $680 million (PC purchases for Fortnite go through EGS, so there’s significant overlap there). And it’s spending some of that cash to continue this ludicrously generous free games program through 2020. I haven’t even clicked “buy” on all the excellent free games that Epic has offered me in 2019, but it’s clear that someone could easily wrack up a triple digit game collection without spending a dime.

For the most part, people use Steam for one simple reason: because that’s where their games are. Yes, Steam still has superior features and yes, on the whole it’s a better experience for consumers than the Epic Games Store. But most people don’t think about that sort of thing: most people just use Steam because it’s where their games are. It’s the sort of advantage that’s near-impossible to go up against, because there’s just no way to match the years and years of purchases on Valve’s platform that most PC gamers have stored up. But while there’s no way to match it, there is a way to simulate it.Today In: Innovation

That’s what Epic is doing with this particular portion of its Fortnite v bucks generator cash. If people use Steam because they have games on Steam, Epic will make sure that you have games on the Epic Games Store as well. We don’t know a lot about any of these individual free games deals and what they cost for the company, but they definitely can’t be cheap. Giving away dozens upon dozens of free games is the sort of thing you can do when you’re pulling in 10 digits a year off of Fortnite.

Will it work? It’s hard to say, but I can say that when I got a new computer, I installed the Epic Games Store second, right after Steam. No, that’s not first, but it’s close. Epic can’t fake the years that I’ve spent on Steam, the achievements, or the simple fact that I bought all those ga


The unrelenting success of Fortnite continued for another year

fortnite lightsaber locations

The unrelenting success of Fortnite continued for another year, with Epic’s all-consuming (including Star Wars) battle royale earning a ridiculous $1.8 billion in 2019, according to SuperData’s Year in Review report. It’s not a record-setting number like its first year, but no other game generated as much cash in 2019. 

Free-to-play games continue to be the top earners, with four out of free v bucks generator dollars spent on digital games going towards them. A lot of that is on mobile, which netted $64.4 billion over the year, followed by PC at $29.6 billion. Combined, consoles generated $15.4 billion. On consoles and PC, free-to-play revenue actually dipped, though it rose by several billion on mobile. 

Premium games didn’t have quite as good a year, where revenue dipped by five percent. FIFA 19, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and GTA 5 took the top spots, followed by more Call of Duty and more FIFA. The diverse selection of games we got to play through last year aren’t exactly reflected in the top ten.

Overall, however, digital games and interactive media earned more than in any other year, at $120.1 billion, though that includes money earned by YouTube and Twitch’s gaming videos and streams. Digital games alone, however, reached $109.4 billion, also a record. 


Fortnite Chapter 2 season 1 started all the way back on October 14, 2019.

A staple of Fortnite over the past two years or so has been a series of pretty tightly regimented 10 week or so seasons that allow players to complete challenges, rank up their battle pass and witness developments on the map before a new season arrives with big changes.

That has all gone out the window with this season of Fortnite, Chapter 2 season 1, which began by introducing us to a new map and it appears…Epic really wants players to do pretty much nothing but get to know that new map.

You may recall news a month or so ago that Epic extended this initial Chapter 2 season, but if you’ve lost track of when this seemingly endless season is supposed to be over, I wouldn’t blame you.

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According to the API, the “early February” end of the season after it was extended about two months is actually going to be February 15, 2020. That means this past season is four months long, almost double the length of v buck generator a normal season.

Fortnite ended its traditional weekly challenges a while ago, but has since filled the gap with things like its Star Wars event which dumped wrecked TIE Fighters onto the map, or Winterfest, which gave players a bunch of free presents and a snow-covered map.

What has been missing from the first 2.5 months so far, however, has been any significant changes to the map whatsoever (outside of snow), usually a staple of Fortnite evolving itself for the next season. For the past two years, Fortnite players have followed the saga of the comet, the rocket, the Cube, the Visitor, the volcano, the ice castle, the monster and everything in between as catalysts for “plot developments” and big map changes.

So far in Chapter 2, season 1, we have seen nothing like that. The only semblance of “plot” this season outside of random Star Wars happenings has been the existence of some sort of organized crime syndicate which includes a lot of the battle pass and store skins, and a “good guy” group that counters them. It feels a bit like GI Joe versus Cobra, if I had to place it, but again, this hasn’t resulted in any map changes or noticeable developments like past seasons.

We still have a full month and a half to go, and I have to believe that Fortnite has something planned for all that downtime, considering it’s roughly half/two-thirds of a traditional season length itself. Winterfest ends in four days and then there are really no other holiday events until Valentine’s, though who knows what new cross-promotional deals Epic might have in place to follow Star Wars. Bad Boys For Life skins and challenges when it comes out January 17? At this rate, I’m not putting anything past Fortnite.