Look the FaZe had a tough run overall

Ah, FaZe. Let’s repeat something about Atlanta: They love to underestimate weaker opponents but always perform against “tougher” teams. During the last event, it was a loss to the Seattle Surge, a near loss to the Los Angeles Guerillas and 3-2 hard-fought wins against a shockingly tough Toronto Ultra and a surprisingly scrappy New York Subliners.

So, yeah, that’s a thing that keeps happening.

Here’s another repeat for you: two events in a row, two finals appearances, two losses to the Florida Mutineers. And Sunday’s 3-0 loss wasn’t very close, either. Sure, Map 2 on Picadilly went to Round 11 (which nearly went Atlanta’s way with some heroics from Preston “Priestahh” Greiner at the last second), but the Mutineers put the FaZe to shame with a record-breaking 235-70 Domination win on Hackney Yard on the very next map.

Look, the FaZe had a tough run overall: The first three matches were all five-game marathons. A five-game series against the Dallas Empire we can understand, but the Ultra and Subliners? We expect better, but this song is on repeat for now.

— Darin Kwilinski

Dallas Empire

  1. Dallas Empire
    Season record: 17-10 | Week 10 record: 2-2 | Change from last ranking:1

The Dallas Empire need to repeat what they did during the Chicago home series when they went 4-0 en route to a home series title. They beat Chicago 3-0 in the semifinals and Atlanta 3-1 in the finals of that tournament. The Empire v buck generator peaked that weekend, becoming the first team to win two home series this season. Although they’re still a solid team, they haven’t been able to replicate that performance. They’re only 4-4 since then, with the four losses coming to the teams just ahead of them in our Power Rankings — two apiece to the Mutineers and FaZe.

Dallas’ goal as they play in their final two home series should be to get into as favorable a spot as possible for playoff seeding. That means cracking into the top two in the standings. It’s really about making small adjustments for the Empire, like how they finally beat London this past weekend on a Gun Runner S&D map. What they need to focus on going forward, like the rest of the league, is finding a way to beat the Mutineers. Only Florida, not Atlanta, will be competing the weekend of July 17 when Dallas play next, so if the Empire put together a solid game plan against the Mutineers, they might be able to win another home series.

— Brian Bencomo

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Chicago Huntsmen

  1. Chicago Huntsmen
    Season record: 17-6 | Week 10: DNP | Change from last ranking:

With questions swirling around whether the Huntsmen are a top-three team in the league right now, Chicago will hope to repeat what it did the last time the team got a break before a home series: win a title.

Missing bracket play and losing to the Los Angeles Guerrillas in the Minnesota home series was an embarrassing step back for this team, but nearly a month of time to work through the missteps in that tournament should help the Huntsmen get back on track in the New York home series July 10-12.

— Morrison

New York Subliners

  1. New York Subliners
    Season record: 8-14 | Week 10 record: 2-2 | Change from last ranking:2

The Subliners repeated their pattern of handily defeating lower-tier teams while being unable to quite get over the hump when it comes to contenders such as the Mutineers and FaZe. They were so close (!!) to facing the FaZe in the finals, running out to a 2-0 lead against the Mutineers in the gta 5 mobile semis. Florida managed to engineer a reverse sweep, however, despite the best efforts of Dillon “Attach” Price and Makenzie “Mack” Kelley. The Subliners have a chance to finally make it over the hump in their next home series July 10-12, which they’ll be hosting.

— Joe DeMartino


Fans are speculating that a post made by the Fortnite Twitter account suggests the popular

Fans are speculating that a post made by the Fortnite Twitter account suggests the popular, battle royal game will be receiving yet another superhero crossover. In the past, Fortnite has implemented a number of cross-promotional events for players to enjoy.

Released back in 2017, Fortnite quickly found popularity through its free-to-play, battle royal mode, though it wasn’t originally meant to be the game’s primary draw. Now, with over 200 million active players, Fortnite has become a household name, transitioning from video game to pop-culture icon. With this surge in popularity, the game has become a highly sought after platform for cross-promotion, collaborating with an impressive amount of franchises and brands. Just recently, Travis Scott performed an in-game concert, pulling in an astonishing 12.3 million players in attendance.

RELATED: Everything That Happened In Fortnite’s The Device Event

On June 15th, the official Fortnite Twitter account posted an image of a shiny, golden object, closely zoomed in on with a scope. Throughout the day, the game’s Twitter had been posting multiple images, teasing upcoming items and skins, all following the zoomed in, hard to identify theme. However, out of all of these teasers, none were quite as unclear as this golden image. As a result, fans flooded to the replies, theorizing as to what the item could possibly be. With a body of water being present in the background, some speculated that the item would be associated with the ocean. From there, it was pointed out that the object resembled the spear-head of a trident.

View image on Twitter

101K1:00 PM – Jun 15, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy17.4K people are talking about this

Quickly after this connection was made, the game’s Twitter account retweeted an image posted by a fan, placing a full, gold trident in the center of the scope. Although nothing had been officially confirmed, it became obvious to followers that the game’s next crossover would likely be one with Aquaman. Reactions to this prediction have been mixed, with some disliking the prospect of another superhero themed event, and others finding excitement in the idea. Some players on the other hand, although most likely poking fun, have theorized that the trident could be an item included with a Spongebob crossover, which had previously been hinted at back in early June.

Part of what has made Fortnite v bucks generator so successful has been Epic Games’ dedication to retaining their player’s attention. Through the game’s constant slew of updates, special events, and widely successful tournamentsFortnite has not only maintained relevancy, but has thrusted video games into the mainstream limelight. With this success, many companies have flocked to Fortnite as a means of self-promotion. However, whereas some would simply add a skin and cash out, Fortnite has always done an excellent job at making these crossovers fun and engaging for its players. With this track record, fans should at the very least be curious to see how Epic Games implements Aquaman into its game. If it’s anything like Fortnite‘s Avengers crossover, fans could be in for a pleasant surprise.


What does the Fortnite community want?

fortnite tournaments are full of surprises and twists. Every time you expect something new, it will deliver. Just like that, Ninja Battles also gave this very essence of something entirely new. These battles are being hosted over at Mixer, which is kind of entertaining, to begin with.

Within two weeks, the tournament seems to have too many harmful elements. From players leaving midway to Winners getting banned due to unprofessionalism. Clix chose to come out on Twitter with his verdict on which mode is the best in Fortnite.

Clix left midway in the tournament due to his other commitments for Cash Cup. While free v bucks generator condoned as unacceptable, his team had to live with it. Clix turned up on social media, preaching the pros of trios in Fortnite.

We have to consider the fact that this happened after heavily influenced by Ninja Battles. Their format just gave players the space to realize what they really want from the game. Epic is trying to bring back the old meta, and trios are spearheading this process. 

What does the Fortnite community want?

As far as we can guess, the community does appreciate the effort being made by Epic games. They are getting back to a status quo that worked for both sides – the players and the developers. “Aim assist is nerfed stop crying and start grinding or quit the game.” 

“I got a 1v3 on these kids at the rig, and then they invited me and my trio shit on them (we won that game btw).” The case remains the same, some are happy about it, and some will live with it. With all the latest changes Fortnite has been going through, is it really possible to get back? Even the old map received a constant demand from the fans. 

The old meta and Clix’s opinion

The old meta is something that worked for both parties. No matter how hard Epic tries to bring that back, specific gaps and edges will remain unaddressed. Clix did raise a fair point – trios is definitely much more fun. He got a lot of hate for his opinion, but that is the truth. Fortnite didn’t feel like home for a long time. 

However, we have to wait and see what Epic does next. Ninja Battles are proof enough to show what the majority of the community is looking for in the game. That three-man-dynamic just has a tasty allure to hunt people in any game. 


How To Complete The Challenge

A new batch of Overtime challenges has arrived in Fortnite. One of the missions asks you to apply shield or healing items in Shanty Town or The Orchard. If you’re not sure where either of those locations are, don’t worry; this guide will show you where to go and how to complete the challenge.

Where Are Shanty Town And The Orchard?

The trickiest part of this challenge is actually finding the areas you need to visit, as neither is explicitly displayed on the game’s map. Fortunately, they’re fairly prominent and shouldn’t be too difficult to track down. The Orchard is located in the northern edge of Frenzy Farm, in grid square F3. Shanty Town, meanwhile, is just north of The Rig, in B6. We’ve marked the exact locations of both areas on the map below.

Shanty Town and The Orchard locations map
Shanty Town and The Orchard locations map

How To Complete The Challenge

Once you know where Shanty Town and The Orchard are, all you need to do is head to either and use healing or shield items. Fortunately, you can find those free v bucks generator scattered around each area; there will be plenty of apples around The Orchard, while Shanty Town is home to shield-regenerating Slurp Barrels. You’ll need to replenish 500 shield or health to gain the maximum amount of XP from this challenge.

This isn’t the only new Overtime mission that may give you some trouble this week. Another one asks you to destroy teddy bears at Holly Hedges. If you still need to complete any challenges from earlier in the season, you can find our other maps and guides in our Fortnite Season 2 challenges roundup.

Fortnite developer Epic Games recently announced that the battle royale shooter will be a launch game for PS5 and Xbox Series X. The game will continue to support cross-play and cross-progression, so your account, items, and progress will all carry over if you decide to play on the next-gen consoles. Epic also revealed it plans to migrate Fortnite on PS5 and Xbox Series X to the Unreal Engine 5 in the middle of 2021.

Fortnite News


Epic Games dropped the Fortnite v12.50 patch today

Epic Games dropped the Fortnite v12.50 patch today which is live now after a short period of downtime last night.

Epic Games no longer releases official patch notes, but we can still release a roundup of changes, fixes and new content.

Two big nerfs headline today’s update.

Heavy Sniper Rifle

Heavy Sniper Rifle nerf Fortnite
Heavy Sniper Rifle nerf CREDIT: EPIC GAMES

Today In: Games

The first is for the Heavy Sniper Rifle which has been “re-tuned” by Ghost Agents. It appears they’ve sneakily fortnite generator weakened the rifle and then hidden it in Shadow Hideouts. The powerful rifle was able to one-shot opponents prior to this patch but should be somewhat less deadly going forward.

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Aim Assist

The second big nerf—and arguably the most important change in this update—is to aim assist. In an email to content creators and media, Epic Informed us:

“This build includes an AA change which makes 240hz AA act like 60hz AA, which does impact target acquisition. Investigations and tests are ongoing regarding aim assist, and your feedback is appreciated.”

Mouse-and-keyboard players have been complaining that controller players have too much of an advantage thanks to Aim Assist, an argument I’m not sure actually holds much v buck generator water given how much more precise mouse-and-keyboard is. Either way, Epic has responded by nerfing Aim Assist.

We’ll see how that plays out.

New LTM: Operation Payload

Fortnite Operation Payload
Fortnite Operation Payload CREDIT: EPIC GAMES

There’s a new Operation LTM in Fortnite today called Operation Payload. It’s similar to the Payload maps in Overwatch, with one team moving a Payload to its destination and another team defending before teams switch.

From Epic’s email update:

“A new spy mode debuts in this build. Use your current spy tech, as well as new tech in this release, to defend/escort the payload against the other team which tries to stop you — then switch sides. The mode takes you to different parts of the island, check it out and have fun. We’d also like any feedback you have on the spy tech this season and the progression system.”

I enjoy these spy games quite a bit. One thing Fortnite is doing that other games like Apex Legends need to emulate more is giving players not just different twists on Battle Royale, but entirely different ways to play. Team Rumble is a mainstay in the game at this point and has been for ages and it gives players the option to play a mode that doesn’t end the moment you die or your squad is wiped.

The Spy Games are a nice extension of this concept, giving us entirely new ways to play Fortnite. I’m excited to try out Payload.


Epic Games provided players with two free Fortnite skins

Epic Games have provided players with the opportunity to get many free Fortnite cosmetics in the past including skins, wraps, emotes and more. During the Fortnite Winterfest event, Epic Games provided players with two free Fortnite skins along with free loading screens, emotes, wraps, gliders and more.

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There’s also been competitions that Epic have held that can provide players with the chance to get some free rewards. Furthermore, Fortnite have collaborated with YouTube to provide players with cosmetics including the free Red Line Wrap.

Fortnite Free Red Line Wrap YouTube Drops Cosmetic Reward
Fortnite Free Red Line Wrap YouTube Drops Cosmetic Reward

Epic Games have just announced the Fortnite Trivia Challenge which will provide players with the opportunity to win a free wrap.



Players have the chance to earn the Fryangles wrap which can be seen in the image provided below:RELATED:  Fortnite Deadpool – Week 8 challenges and unmasked Deadpool Skin Style

Fortnite Free Fryangles Wrap
Fortnite Free Fryangles Wrap

In order to get the free Fryangles wrap, players will need to download the Houseparty app. The houseparty app is available on iOS, Android, macOS, and Chrome. If you’d like to download it and participate in order to get the Fryangles wrap, you can download it here.

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In order for the wrap v buck generator to be available, players will need to work together on the Houseparty app in order to collectively answer 20 million Fortnite trivia questions correctly. Once this is done, the Fryangles Wrap will unlock for all players in Fortnite.

Updates will be provided regarding the progress of the challenge on both the Fortnite and Houseparty social channels. This is similar to what we saw with the Autumn Queen Quest in regards to being a community event. That event provided players with a free wrap when the community came together in order to complete the challenge.RELATED:  Fortnite: How and Where to Stoke a Campfire, Consume Foraged Apple, Consume Foraged Mushroom Quickly

Free Fortnite Falling Leaf Wrap
Free Fortnite Falling Leaf Wrap

The Fortnite Trivia Challenge on the Houseparty app kicks off today, April 10th at 11 AM ET and will end on April 16th at 11:59 PM ET. Anyone with the Houseparty app can participate and anyone with a Fortnite account whilst this challenge is live will be eligible to receive the Fryangles Wrap if the challenge is completed.

We’ll be keeping this post up to date with the latest progress as and when Fornite and Houseparty update the progress of the community.

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However, The Fortnite Trivia Deck is currently available in English, so you’ll need to know English in order to help the community complete this challenge.

Be sure to download the Houseparty app and get answering those Fortnite Trivia Challenge questions in order to get the challenge completed as quickly as possible. Get crackin’ answering those questions!


Ever since cross-platform functionality was released

Ever since cross-platform functionality was released, there have been many complaints about advantages and disadvantages of different gaming platforms. Recently, Epic Games has announced that legacy aim assist will be removed from the game, which has outraged the “Fortnite Battle Royale” community.

No more original aim assist

Aim assist for controller players has gone through many changes since “Fortnite Battle Royale” was released. Controller configuration in general has received a lot of changes, from custom key bindings to advanced sensitivity options and more.

However, controllers in “Fortnite” have become somewhat controversial ever since the cross-platform play was released for everyone. It became even worse after Epic Games forced crossplay and players could not opt out of it.

While keyboard and mouse users, who play mostly on a PC, have a massive advantage over controller players, they mostly complain about controller aim assist. This is because aim assist is mostly inconsistent and it sometimes gives controller players amazing accuracy without much effort.

Legacy settings have been controversial as well since they would give players a strong aim assist and allow them to quickly take their enemies down.

Unfortunately vbucks generator controller players, legacy aim assist settings will be removed on March 13. At the moment, “Fortnite Battle Royale” players can still use them, but it’s just a matter of time when Epic Games will completely remove them. The video game developer has clarified that players who use legacy controls will have their sensitivities automatically converted after the setting is removed.

The community is outraged

Controller players are outraged and don’t want Epic Games to remove legacy controls. The Reddit post the game developer used as the announcement for this change was filled with negative comments, and many controller players believe that Epic Games is trying to help PC players.

The weirdest thing is that aim assist works differently on PC and a console. While it would be fair to remove certain settings only from the PC version of “Fortnite Battle Royale,” it appears that the video game creator has no such intention.


Fortnite is back with a brand new set of challenges and they are a bit

Fortnite is back with a brand new set of challenges and they are a bit…destruction themed, based on the fact that we have moved on from Brutus and are now focused on TNTina’s Trial for two weeks. One of her first challenges is that she wants us to destroy Sentry Cameras or Sentry Turrets, five in total.

So, these are not objects that you can find just anywhere. They are only in the five “spy” locations on the map, like Henchmen. That would be The Rig, The Yacht, The Shark, The Grotto and The Agency, in case you forgot.

Like the Henchman challenges, even though these are objects, not people, they will only spawn in modes where Henchmen spawn. So that means no Battle Lab, no Team Rumble even. You have to play a “normal” game and find them then.Today In: Games

Sentry cameras are planted all around these locations and will spot you and alert nearby Henchman if you’re not disguised. The same is true for Sentry Turrets except they will also start shredding you.

Fortnite EPIC

In case you can’t figure this out, it is much easier to go for Sentry Cameras for this challenge than Sentry Turrets because they A) have less life B) won’t shoot back and C) there are more of them in every location whereas Sentry Turrets are harder to find.

I would probably pick one of the smaller v buck generator locations personally so you can get this done in one shot. As you can see on the Yacht, there are cameras super close together and all you have to do is round the corner to find one or two more. I got all five after roaming around for a minute, and that’s probably going to be easier than somewhere like say, The Agency or The Grotto which are more spread out.

This is not a crazy hard challenge, but not the easiest one either, as you will have to be dealing with Henchman and other players around trying to complete this same challenge, or the Henchmen ones from last week. I think the best plan is to get in a disguise to move around and locate the cameras and then open fire, breaking cover.

I do really love the spy/Henchman/hideout portion of Fortnite this season, and I am having a lot of fun with the NPC component. More so than zombies or Stormtroopers in the past. This is genuinely good, and I am curious what kind of challenges we will see by the end past ID scanners and Henchman damage. Stay tuned.


all-new abilities and functions that have never been seen in Fortnite before

While the dedicated Fortnite community still has plenty left to uncover in the major Season 2 update, recent leaks appear to hint at the potential addition of a brand new game type in the popular battle royale title.

The new LTM could give players all-new abilities and functions that have never been seen in Fortnite before.

343 Industries

Halo’s Infected mode has been a staple throughout many iterations.

In the iconic Infected mode that has made an appearance in all manner of competitive titles over the years from Halo to Call of Duty, survivors look to avoid infected players at all costs.

Once an Infected player guns down or melees a survivor, their target will respawn as a fellow infected until the lobby is completely wiped out or the time limit ends.

Prominent Fortnite data miner iFireMonkey has revealed that various lines of code in the new Season 2 update indicate such a game type making its way to Fortnite in the near future.

“A new LTM is in the works,” they teased. “While it hasn’t been fully completed there are files that talk about an ‘Infected’ and ‘Survivor’ team.”

FireMonkey • Fortnite Intel @iFireMonkey

LTM Leak:

A new LTM is in the works, while it hasn’t been fully completed there are files that talk about an “Infected” and “Survivor” team.

It has references to the following:
– Infected
– Survivors
– Scream
– Heartbeat
– Growl
– Double Jump

Not much other than this is known.

77912:55 PM – Feb 21, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy135 people are talking about this

The images provided shed light on certain abilities from ‘growling’ and ‘screaming’ to an intriguing double jump function.

Additionally, players appear to be split among two teams aptly labeled the ‘Survivors’ and the ‘Infected.’

There’s no indicating how many players v bucks generator will be dropped into a lobby with the new mode, but it’s likely the total count will be fewer than 100 players at a time given just how long rounds would last.

With infected characters already in Save The World mode, it seems like a no brainer to bring the LTM into competitive.

No further information has been made available about the potential LTM just yet, but if teases are slipping through the cracks in Season 2 updates, Infected could be right around the corner.


How to go underwater in GTA 5?

In case you wish two tire in order to several, then you’ll would like to be sure you’re journey one of several GTA 5 fastest bikes. You can find a good amount of different decisions away there, plus it might wonder someone to realize that among the best all-round street motorcycle is additionally among the cheapest! Take a look at each of our guide with specialist test out for all your point for making an advised choice. Gunrunning is usually a good way to make dollars with updates, but it’s also complicated to get happening to with involves mindful expenditure to help roll a profit. Follow each of our GTA Online Gunrunning guide to get one of the most from the jawhorse.


We’ve decided on loadouts from the GTA Online best weapons with regard to special positions, therefore an individual will have the proper tools for the appointment. If you’ve ended up being using a nightclub within the Soon after Hour or so revise, next you need to be making income in your Grand Theft Auto 5 nightclub safe. Though, the item may be tricky to really achieve with accumulate your own interests seeing that thises effectively disguise in a border, and so stick to our own guide to get it. If you want for you to shortcut for you to those virtual dollars next you’ll be able to get a GTA Online Shark Card for you to excel up your own turn balance – we’ve investigated what kind provides the very best price, and what you can buy from it.

Because GTA Online 1st launched nearly five in years past, we have seen over 30 significant replaces that exhibit sufficiently evolved the online globe. We’ve charted all of these GTA Online up-date, with guide since Rockstar’s home connected with style Imran Sarwar. To find the Double-Action Firearm throughout GTA Online, together with uncovering this regarding Cherry Useless Payoff 2, you’ll should get a great in-game mail to kicks down a treasure search for across San Andreas. If you’re including conflicted with the phases, subsequently here’s learn to get the Double-Action Pistol in GTA 5 portable.

How to get millions in GTA 5 online?

GTA 5 pc

The Pit Split is another tool you can uncover within GTA free, plus get available after Red Dead Redemption 2 launches. For getting commence, you’ll have to accept transcripts via Maude sending you down using a cycles involving gift seekers ahead of the site is exposed, to help out we’ve got an extensive guide for ways to get the Marble Strike inside GTA Online. You might have met additional GTA Online participants game a neat Kifflom t-shirt on the Epsilon System, also wondered anywhere they got it through since you can easily grasp it inside game.

The procedure for receiving it really is to some degree convoluted, along with means beverage lots regarding expensive whisky with nightclubs and also deliver out there – for whole list, here’s getting the Kifflom t-shirt throughout GTA free. If you’re not able to wind up in a game, then you may have welcomed the Ones profile won’t have consent to be able to entry GTA Online mistake meaning. A large volume of goals the reason a person may well investigate that mistake, and also we’ve got home elevators the most prevalent technique to fix that and initiate playing again. As part of the casino revise, there remain 54 GTA Online enjoying tag hidden throughout the total game road. Finding all unlocks a pile involving fragments and some pays back inside Grand Theft Auto 5, and more a at the moment secret Crimson Dead Online pay back, and we’ve find every one of their particular locations. If you reason there exist plenty of participating in tag to discover, wait until you start seeking the 100 GTA Online action amount scattered all over San Andreas!

How to become ceo GTA 5?

GTA 5 steam

In the event you obtain them most you’ll gain a collection associated with funds bonus a few dollars can certainly invest in prize, in addition to we’ve urge the places for each and every one. If you want to help tragedy some of the games with offer at The Diamond, next you’re planning to want GTA 5 mobile casino nicks to try and do the idea. We’ve obtain note in somewhere to obtain computer chip coming from, in addition to just what the most effective games end up being in order to have fun with them. If you want to reside in within a swanky mat, then they do not appeared very much fancier compared to a GTA Online casino Penthouse.

You’ll additionally call for anyone to hold cut from the casino objective, consequently good teach you exactly how to purchase in addition to customise ones fancy in. Pertaining to a quick while, there was a routine to be able to triumph vast degrees of chips around the casino equine people game, while simply placing a least preliminary gamble. It has at this point become hotfixed, but if you’re considering understanding much more around the GTA 5 In Track glitch then we can teach you precisely how the item design