Epic Games dropped the Fortnite v12.50 patch today

Epic Games dropped the Fortnite v12.50 patch today which is live now after a short period of downtime last night.

Epic Games no longer releases official patch notes, but we can still release a roundup of changes, fixes and new content.

Two big nerfs headline today’s update.

Heavy Sniper Rifle

Heavy Sniper Rifle nerf Fortnite
Heavy Sniper Rifle nerf CREDIT: EPIC GAMES

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The first is for the Heavy Sniper Rifle which has been “re-tuned” by Ghost Agents. It appears they’ve sneakily fortnite generator weakened the rifle and then hidden it in Shadow Hideouts. The powerful rifle was able to one-shot opponents prior to this patch but should be somewhat less deadly going forward.

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Aim Assist

The second big nerf—and arguably the most important change in this update—is to aim assist. In an email to content creators and media, Epic Informed us:

“This build includes an AA change which makes 240hz AA act like 60hz AA, which does impact target acquisition. Investigations and tests are ongoing regarding aim assist, and your feedback is appreciated.”

Mouse-and-keyboard players have been complaining that controller players have too much of an advantage thanks to Aim Assist, an argument I’m not sure actually holds much v buck generator water given how much more precise mouse-and-keyboard is. Either way, Epic has responded by nerfing Aim Assist.

We’ll see how that plays out.

New LTM: Operation Payload

Fortnite Operation Payload
Fortnite Operation Payload CREDIT: EPIC GAMES

There’s a new Operation LTM in Fortnite today called Operation Payload. It’s similar to the Payload maps in Overwatch, with one team moving a Payload to its destination and another team defending before teams switch.

From Epic’s email update:

“A new spy mode debuts in this build. Use your current spy tech, as well as new tech in this release, to defend/escort the payload against the other team which tries to stop you — then switch sides. The mode takes you to different parts of the island, check it out and have fun. We’d also like any feedback you have on the spy tech this season and the progression system.”

I enjoy these spy games quite a bit. One thing Fortnite is doing that other games like Apex Legends need to emulate more is giving players not just different twists on Battle Royale, but entirely different ways to play. Team Rumble is a mainstay in the game at this point and has been for ages and it gives players the option to play a mode that doesn’t end the moment you die or your squad is wiped.

The Spy Games are a nice extension of this concept, giving us entirely new ways to play Fortnite. I’m excited to try out Payload.