Fortnite is back with a brand new set of challenges and they are a bit

Fortnite is back with a brand new set of challenges and they are a bit…destruction themed, based on the fact that we have moved on from Brutus and are now focused on TNTina’s Trial for two weeks. One of her first challenges is that she wants us to destroy Sentry Cameras or Sentry Turrets, five in total.

So, these are not objects that you can find just anywhere. They are only in the five “spy” locations on the map, like Henchmen. That would be The Rig, The Yacht, The Shark, The Grotto and The Agency, in case you forgot.

Like the Henchman challenges, even though these are objects, not people, they will only spawn in modes where Henchmen spawn. So that means no Battle Lab, no Team Rumble even. You have to play a “normal” game and find them then.Today In: Games

Sentry cameras are planted all around these locations and will spot you and alert nearby Henchman if you’re not disguised. The same is true for Sentry Turrets except they will also start shredding you.

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In case you can’t figure this out, it is much easier to go for Sentry Cameras for this challenge than Sentry Turrets because they A) have less life B) won’t shoot back and C) there are more of them in every location whereas Sentry Turrets are harder to find.

I would probably pick one of the smaller v buck generator locations personally so you can get this done in one shot. As you can see on the Yacht, there are cameras super close together and all you have to do is round the corner to find one or two more. I got all five after roaming around for a minute, and that’s probably going to be easier than somewhere like say, The Agency or The Grotto which are more spread out.

This is not a crazy hard challenge, but not the easiest one either, as you will have to be dealing with Henchman and other players around trying to complete this same challenge, or the Henchmen ones from last week. I think the best plan is to get in a disguise to move around and locate the cameras and then open fire, breaking cover.

I do really love the spy/Henchman/hideout portion of Fortnite this season, and I am having a lot of fun with the NPC component. More so than zombies or Stormtroopers in the past. This is genuinely good, and I am curious what kind of challenges we will see by the end past ID scanners and Henchman damage. Stay tuned.