Fortnite is still doing Overtime Challenges in this never-ending season

Fortnite is still doing Overtime Challenges in this never-ending season, though now the point of them is not to gain another 100 ranks worth of battle pass XP (you have to be there by now), but to give you alternate styles and items for some of the battle pass skins. That means this week it’s a new style for Cameo and Chic, the fashionista good girl/bad girl combo.

The challenge at hand here is to catch a different item with a fishing pole at different No Fishing v buck generator signs. Three different ones, though they do not have to be in one game. Though theoretically they could be, given that the ones I’ve found are pretty close together.

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Today In: Innovation
You want to head to Slurpy Swamp, the swamp-bound factory that makes Slurp and pollutes a whole lot of Slurp into the nearby water. Hence why there are at least three No Fishing signs in this area alone. Here’s the map. My player icon and the two map icons are where all three of the spots are.

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So, all you have to do is head to the north, south and east edges of the facility where you will find docks that all have fishing poles right next to them despite the No Fishing signs just a few feet away. Kind of counter-intuitive messaging, but helpful for this challenge.

Just equip the rod, and cast it out to a bubbling spot of water, and you will have caught something of value (or not) in no time. I do not think that fishing at these No Fishing spots gives you anything unique, it’s just the same collection of stuff unless I’ve missed something important.

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This challenge mirrors the swim at No Swimming Signs one we had a few weeks ago, and also the dance at No Dancing Signs challenges we have seen in past season. I’m not sure what else we can do to break the law this season. Boating where there are No Boating Signs? I have no idea.