Look the FaZe had a tough run overall

Ah, FaZe. Let’s repeat something about Atlanta: They love to underestimate weaker opponents but always perform against “tougher” teams. During the last event, it was a loss to the Seattle Surge, a near loss to the Los Angeles Guerillas and 3-2 hard-fought wins against a shockingly tough Toronto Ultra and a surprisingly scrappy New York Subliners.

So, yeah, that’s a thing that keeps happening.

Here’s another repeat for you: two events in a row, two finals appearances, two losses to the Florida Mutineers. And Sunday’s 3-0 loss wasn’t very close, either. Sure, Map 2 on Picadilly went to Round 11 (which nearly went Atlanta’s way with some heroics from Preston “Priestahh” Greiner at the last second), but the Mutineers put the FaZe to shame with a record-breaking 235-70 Domination win on Hackney Yard on the very next map.

Look, the FaZe had a tough run overall: The first three matches were all five-game marathons. A five-game series against the Dallas Empire we can understand, but the Ultra and Subliners? We expect better, but this song is on repeat for now.

— Darin Kwilinski

Dallas Empire

  1. Dallas Empire
    Season record: 17-10 | Week 10 record: 2-2 | Change from last ranking:1

The Dallas Empire need to repeat what they did during the Chicago home series when they went 4-0 en route to a home series title. They beat Chicago 3-0 in the semifinals and Atlanta 3-1 in the finals of that tournament. The Empire v buck generator peaked that weekend, becoming the first team to win two home series this season. Although they’re still a solid team, they haven’t been able to replicate that performance. They’re only 4-4 since then, with the four losses coming to the teams just ahead of them in our Power Rankings — two apiece to the Mutineers and FaZe.

Dallas’ goal as they play in their final two home series should be to get into as favorable a spot as possible for playoff seeding. That means cracking into the top two in the standings. It’s really about making small adjustments for the Empire, like how they finally beat London this past weekend on a Gun Runner S&D map. What they need to focus on going forward, like the rest of the league, is finding a way to beat the Mutineers. Only Florida, not Atlanta, will be competing the weekend of July 17 when Dallas play next, so if the Empire put together a solid game plan against the Mutineers, they might be able to win another home series.

— Brian Bencomo

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Chicago Huntsmen

  1. Chicago Huntsmen
    Season record: 17-6 | Week 10: DNP | Change from last ranking:

With questions swirling around whether the Huntsmen are a top-three team in the league right now, Chicago will hope to repeat what it did the last time the team got a break before a home series: win a title.

Missing bracket play and losing to the Los Angeles Guerrillas in the Minnesota home series was an embarrassing step back for this team, but nearly a month of time to work through the missteps in that tournament should help the Huntsmen get back on track in the New York home series July 10-12.

— Morrison

New York Subliners

  1. New York Subliners
    Season record: 8-14 | Week 10 record: 2-2 | Change from last ranking:2

The Subliners repeated their pattern of handily defeating lower-tier teams while being unable to quite get over the hump when it comes to contenders such as the Mutineers and FaZe. They were so close (!!) to facing the FaZe in the finals, running out to a 2-0 lead against the Mutineers in the gta 5 mobile semis. Florida managed to engineer a reverse sweep, however, despite the best efforts of Dillon “Attach” Price and Makenzie “Mack” Kelley. The Subliners have a chance to finally make it over the hump in their next home series July 10-12, which they’ll be hosting.

— Joe DeMartino