What does the Fortnite community want?

fortnite tournaments are full of surprises and twists. Every time you expect something new, it will deliver. Just like that, Ninja Battles also gave this very essence of something entirely new. These battles are being hosted over at Mixer, which is kind of entertaining, to begin with.

Within two weeks, the tournament seems to have too many harmful elements. From players leaving midway to Winners getting banned due to unprofessionalism. Clix chose to come out on Twitter with his verdict on which mode is the best in Fortnite.

Clix left midway in the tournament due to his other commitments for Cash Cup. While free v bucks generator condoned as unacceptable, his team had to live with it. Clix turned up on social media, preaching the pros of trios in Fortnite.

We have to consider the fact that this happened after heavily influenced by Ninja Battles. Their format just gave players the space to realize what they really want from the game. Epic is trying to bring back the old meta, and trios are spearheading this process. 

What does the Fortnite community want?

As far as we can guess, the community does appreciate the effort being made by Epic games. They are getting back to a status quo that worked for both sides – the players and the developers. “Aim assist is nerfed stop crying and start grinding or quit the game.” 

“I got a 1v3 on these kids at the rig, and then they invited me and my trio shit on them (we won that game btw).” The case remains the same, some are happy about it, and some will live with it. With all the latest changes Fortnite has been going through, is it really possible to get back? Even the old map received a constant demand from the fans. 

The old meta and Clix’s opinion

The old meta is something that worked for both parties. No matter how hard Epic tries to bring that back, specific gaps and edges will remain unaddressed. Clix did raise a fair point – trios is definitely much more fun. He got a lot of hate for his opinion, but that is the truth. Fortnite didn’t feel like home for a long time. 

However, we have to wait and see what Epic does next. Ninja Battles are proof enough to show what the majority of the community is looking for in the game. That three-man-dynamic just has a tasty allure to hunt people in any game.